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The Benefits of Slot Vouchers as Payment from a Slot Machine

The game of slot is one of the main casino games that are quickest in its technological transitions with improved slot technology and advanced features enjoyed by casino players.

The slot machine made several improvements on its gaming software such as the advent of multiple pay lines and multiple reeled slot machines. Furthermore one can also find slot machines with unlimited numbers of coins to play at that offer slot players better payout.

But the latest slot technology offered by casinos is the EZ Pay system involving the payment of a slot winner in the form of a slot voucher to claim their winnings from a slot machine. This system is also known as TITO or the ticket in ticket out system where the slot machine accepts any bill denomination on its bill receptor instead of feeding coins into the slot machine.

The amount of bill fed on the bill receptor will register as a credit into the slot machine and once the player hits a winning, instead of releasing coins as payout, a slot voucher is issued by the slot machine to the player. From the slot voucher is the printed amount won by the player.

There are several benefits of using a slot voucher as a payment to a slot machine's winner. The most convenient feature of this system is the convenience of cashing a payout without the need to carry bulk of coins from a coin bucket while falling in line to a casino cashier cage.

Casino operators can also find the convenience of cutting down their labor force and costs for the need of slot attendants. Slot players can also enjoy playing in a slot machine using the slot voucher technology as a form of payment when they win since it is most convenient to play in a multi-denomination slot machine that pays varying denomination amounts. The slot voucher only prints the corresponding payout won by a slot player and it only takes a piece of paper to cash out a player's winnings from the cashier cage.

Casinos are also able to provide more redemption kiosks across the casino to facilitate the faster processing of cashing out a slot player's winnings with the use of the slot voucher thereby cutting down the time spent to count the coins won by the player.

It is important however that slot gamblers should always make a point of cashing out their slot voucher before leaving the casino establishment. The issuance and validity of a slot voucher usually involved a limited time which a casino player needs to be aware of.