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Types of Slot Machines

Every casino, whether online or offline, offers a wide range of slot machine games to be able to lure a lot of players. Slot machines have many variations. It may vary from a single line to a 3 line, from three reels to five reels, bonus slot games to progressive slot games. These are just from the long list of variations. However, if you want to learn more about the types, it is more practical to look on the basic characteristics of the slot machine that makes it different from one to another.

The first characteristic is the number of reels in the slot machines. Normally, there are only three reels or five reels in a slot machine. The early machines only had three. These are called the classic slot machines. Today, the most common type slot machines are those having five reels which generally have more number of pay lines.

The next is the number of rows. Usually, slot machines only feature one to two horizontal rows marking its position on the reels which are vertical in nature. Today, these rules can reach up to three to five. Those extra rows, basically the one located above and below the display of the payout, exists to tempt the players take a view on what they have missed to win.

Another characteristic is the number of pay lines. Commonly, a slot machine have three, five, nine and fifteen pay lines, but today it can reach to as much as twenty pay lines. For you to come up with a winning combination, a series of similar symbols must fall in one line which is usually on the center horizontal line.

The coin denomination. Slot machines do accept coin denominations from 5 cents to $5. The high roller slot machines do accept coin denomination but it must reach at least $500. There are some online casinos that limits the bet, this is for them to accommodate more on the larger bets.

Slot machines are now highly developed and from the classic land based slot machine, this game has already reached the kingdom of cyber games. The rules of the online slot games are still the same but it offers more side games in which you can take advantage of when you are already growing tired of play slot machine games. These side games also gives out rewards in the form of incentives and freebies and sometimes free cash.