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Rock n Roller and Shoot-o-Rama Skill Slots: Interesting Slot Variations

One of the inviting, appealing and captivating games available in online casinos and live casinos, slot is very popular to gamblers because it features simple game play and rules. Aside from the simplicity of this gambling game, it also offers big payouts to lucky gamblers. In slots, players are not required to be skillful since most of the time the outcomes of this game only depend on players' luck.

Because slots get the attention of many players in casinos, several gaming companies in the world introduce unique and interesting slot variations including Rock n Roller and Shoot-o-Rama Skill Slots. These two slot variations capture the attention of most slots players since they offer more opportunities for them to take home big cash prizes. To know more about these games, let us have an overview of the basic elements and game plays of Rock n Roller and Shoot-o-Rama Skill Slots.

The Fundamentals in Playing Rock n Roller Slot

Developed and released by Playtech, Rock n Roller slot machines have 5 pay lines and three reels, which make the game more thrilling. The maximum bet that players can place in this game is five coins per pay line. The slot machines accept different kinds of denominations ranging from $0.05 to $5.layed per spin, depending on the amount of lines you wish to bet on. The available denominations for wagers are .05, .10, .25, .50, 1, 2, and 5. By placing the maximum stake, gamblers have good chances of winning the top prize of 700 coins per pay line.

Learning the Basics in Shoot-o-Rama Skill Slot Shoot-o-Rama is an interesting slot variation that features huge progressive jackpot prize. Because it offers a progressive jackpot prize, gamblers must place the maximum bet amounting to five coins per pay line, to have the opportunity to take home the top prize that begins at $20,000. The progressive jackpot prize in Shoot-o-Rama increases as more players try to play the game.

Players take home the top prize if they hit five rocket ships on a single pay line. Aside from the top prize, players can also increase their original payouts if they activate the bonus round. Whenever a player gets the progressive jackpot, the top prizes starts at its original amount.

Rock n Roller Slot and Shoot-o-Rama Skill Slot are only two of the exciting slot variations that gamblers can enjoy in casinos. Once again, players should remember that to maximize opportunities in this game, it is important that they always place the highest possible bets. In addition, they should also bear in mind that they need to employ effective money management strategies to avoid losing great stakes in the game.